26 November 2018

FastDropPay with Braintree: The Ultimate Dropshipping Payment Solution Now Integrated in Rewix

FastDropPay with Braintree: The Ultimate Dropshipping Payment Solution Now Integrated in Rewix

Rewix is the only e commerce platform designed to fully manage all processes of companies using B2B2C business models with dropshippers and online distributors.

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Braintree is the division of Paypal specializing in mobile and web payments for ecommerce sites. Braintree provides its customers with an integrable payment gateway to manage online collections with ease and at competitive rates.
Braintree has always been attentive to the needs of its customers and has collaborated with Rewix to create "FastDropPay," the new collection mode expressly dedicated to B2B sites with dropshipper orders paid through Paypal Braintree.

How is money transferred in dropshipment?

In the relationship that binds a B2B, B2C dropshipper reseller and the end customer, money follows the opposite flow to that of the goods being exchanged. The B2C end customer, the one who actually buys the resold good, immediately pays his or her credit card order to the B2C dropshipper reseller and from that moment on is waiting to receive I priori purchases in the shortest possible time.
At this point, the B2C reseller who has received the order must worry about sending the corresponding order to the B2B supplier and the corresponding payment to activate the process of preparing and sending the shipment. The longer the confirmation and payment time to the retailer, the longer the end customer is left waiting to receive The products purchased and paid for. As the waiting time increases, the satisfaction of the end customer decreases and the frequent contacts with B2C customer care to verify the fulfillment time begin.

How to automate checkout and payment of orders at B2B?

FastDropPay is the new way to speed up dropshipper payments (and thus order fulfillment) to B2B suppliers using Rewix. FastDropPay automates order payment from B2C to B2B.
Using the new FastDropPay technology, a dropshipper reselling products from a B2B supplier with Rewix can create a "wallet" that matches his or her Paypal Braintree account to his or her account on the B2B retailer's platform. Through the wallet, orders received via API from end customers can be automatically debited and confirmed, significantly reducing order fulfillment time and management and administration tasks.
In this way, it is possible to increase the satisfaction of the end customer, who will be very happy to receive their products without any delay and without any waiting time other than the physiological ones for the material handling of package preparation and delivery activities.

How to use FastDropPay integration?

B2C dropshipper retailers can enable FastDropPay technology if their B2B retailer uses Rewix. In this case, the B2C dropshipper cannot manage this debit mode on the B2B vendor's site:
- within the checkout in the payment step where there is an option to add a wallet or pay with an already active one
- within the user profile, in the "Wallet" section where the user has the option to view active wallets, configure a new wallet and make payment for all orders whose previous attempt to debit the wallet has failed.

Also within the profile, under "Automatic Payment Methods," the retailer can view active automatic payment methods and disable them if necessary.
Setting up the payment method with Brainthree requires the dropshipper to connect to their Paypal account and authorize automatic payment with the B2B retailer's platform equipped with Rewix.
From their Paypal profile, the user has the ability to view the status of the automatic payment, view transactions and possibly disable automatic debits.

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What are the benefits of FastDropPay?

FastDropPay brings benefits for all.

Benefits for end customers

  • shorter waiting time to receive what was ordered
  • greater satisfaction with purchases

Benefits for B2C dropshippers

  • reduced order processing paperwork
  • higher customer retention rate
  • reduced customer care activities

Benefits for B2B suppliers

  • immediate collection
  • certainty of collection
  • automation of procedures
  • reduction in order management paperwork
FastLane, the speed of FastDropPay

Integration in Rewix

Major changes at the Rewix backend level have made it possible to selectively enable the wallet mode payment method based on the origin and source (origins) of orders.
Currently, Rewix handles the following origins:

  • Frontend, orders entered directly by end customers on the ecommerce site
  • API, orders created via software integrations from other platforms (e.g., via I plugins deployed on
  • Subscriptions, the renewal orders for dropshipment services automatically managed by the platform
  • TradeAgent, the orders entered in the name and on behalf of the end customer by their sales representative
  • Admin, orders placed on behalf of and for the end customer by all Rewix platform users with an administrative access role

The origins that make automatic payment with Braintree possible are those related to orders related to Subscription and entered via API integrations.
In the case of Frontend orders, the wallet will be selectable as the available payment method in checkout but it will not be possible to automate the payment of orders.
Thus it is possible, for example, to configure Paypal in "standard" mode for Frontend orders and in "wallet" mode for Subscription and API orders.

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FastDropPay technology is available exclusively with Rewix.
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