03 June 2024

International ecommerce guide: expand your online business

International ecommerce guide: expand your online business

Do you have an online business and want to grow it internationally? Find out howmultilingual ecommerce can help you expand your business into new markets. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide oninternational ecommerce, including benefits, challenges, and tools to optimize your website. You will learn how to use multilingual SEO,ecommerce translations, andmultilingual e-commerce to maximize your ROI. If you are interested in globalizing your online business, you will read on.

Benefits of international ecommerce

Expanding into foreign markets is a winning strategy for many B2B companies, but it requires proper tools to overcome language barriers. DeepL's translation technology , integrated into Rewix, enables businesses to deliver localized and culturally adapted content. This not only broadens the customer base, but also improves customer trust and satisfaction. Accurate translations reduce the risk of misunderstandings, improve communication and increase the likelihood of success in international negotiations and sales. With international ecommerce, companies can capitalize on new market opportunities and access a wider audience, achieving a higher return on investment.

Linguistic Personalization and Data Security

Linguistic customization is key to ensuring accurate and effective communication with international customers. With DeepL for Business, companies can create specific glossaries and maintain terminology consistency, thereby reducing the risk of misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

This linguistic accuracy is especially crucial in the B2B sector, where clarity andaccuracy are essential to establishing strong business relationships. In addition, maximum data security is ensured by DeepL, which uses advanced encryption and complies with international security standards such as ISO 27001 and Soc2 Type 2 certification. This means that sensitive company and client information is protected throughout the translation process, providing peace of mind and reliability for businesses operating internationally.

Operational Efficiency and ROI with DeepL

Integrating DeepL into an e-commerce platform such as Rewix not only improves communication, but also streamlines operational processes. The fast and accurate translations of DeepL significantly reduce the time needed to localize content, freeing up valuable resources and allowing companies to focus on strategic activities.

Studies have shown that the use of DeepL can result in a 345% ROI by reducing translation time by 90% and workload by 50%. This makes DeepL an extremely beneficial investment for B2B companies looking to expand globally.

With DeepL, companies can achieve greater operational efficiency and significant ROI by ensuring a strong and competitive multilingual presence in the international e-commerce market.

Global Expansion Facilitated by DeepL

DeepL supports companies in their global expansion by offering high-quality language translations that facilitate entry into new markets. With the ability to translate content accurately and naturally, DeepL helps companies overcome language barriers and connect effectively with customers around the world.

Integrated into an e-commerce platform such as Rewix, DeepL makes managing international transactions easier and more secure. Investing in DeepL means equipping yourself with reliable and scalable technology that can support growth and innovation in an ever-changing global marketplace.

The ability to communicate with customers effectively and authentically is critical to international e-commerce success, and that is exactly what DeepL offers companies aiming to expand globally.

Challenges of international e-commerce

Tackling international e-commerce involves several challenges, from language and cultural barriers to managing cross-border operations. However, investing in innovative technologies such as DeepL and integrating them into advanced e-commerce platforms such as eCommerce eXperience Platform: why is it the future? can help companies overcome these challenges.

It is critical to understand that the success of international e-commerce depends on the ability to adapt to the needs of global customers by providing a personalized and secure experience in every language. We remind readers of the importance of implementing effective strategies to address these challenges and to consider using advanced tools such as DeepL to optimize their international operations. With the right technology and the right approach, companies can take full advantage of international e-commerce opportunities and achieve success on a global scale.

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