20 March 2023

Cristiano Ronaldo's underwear is distributed with Rewix

Cristiano Ronaldo's underwear is distributed with Rewix

While Media buzz for the passage of the Portuguese champion to Juventus has not yet been stopped, Cristiano Ronaldo animatethe world of Italian fashion with his underwear line "CR7 Underwear".

For distribution, Ronaldo turned to the B2B fashion marketplace which, with over 250 thousand resellers worldwide, has always used the Rewix e-commerce platform to manage its business processes. has in fact concluded an agreement with Yamamay for the commercialization of the underwear line of the Portuguese sample in Italy. Soon all the Yamamay stores will be able to buy the garments expressly designed by Cristiano Ronaldo.

 Speed ​​of thought and precision in the execution are characteristics of the way of playing of CR7. Strategy, communication and technology are at the base of the success of

In just a few years, has become a distribution channel able to support traditional distribution in an omnichannel logic with a B2B2C model based on dropshipment.

The use of the Rewix e-commerce platform has allowed to manage the entire life cycle of the product and to successfully realize the distribution of the brand CR7Undewear.