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Rewix Box
Rewix ecommerce

Rewix IS NOT a simple, basic order management user interface connected to your ERP.

Rewix IS NOT a B2C ecommerce platform extended to B2B model by a bunch of (incompatible) plugins and extensions.

Rewix IS NOT ONLY an advanced ecommerce platform with integrated CRM with marketing automation features.

Rewix is a B2B ecommerce digital platform designed to allow companies to distribute and sell across all available sales channels and digital sales room (DSR).

Every touchpoint with leads is a sales opportunity

Rewix is an enterprise class ecommerce platform, designed for companies that want to sell on the global market with B2C/B2B and B2B2C sales models.

Rewix is a SaaS solution scalable, reliable, fast, secure, flexible, integrated and modular.

Rewix is a digital tool designed for marketing automation, database marketing and sales management.

Rewix transforms every touchpoint with leads into a sales opportunity

Key features for reinventing sales

Multiple shops (B2B/B2B2C/B2C) management

Optimised UX/UI, fully responsive design

Fully SEO compliant by design

Orders, sales force and customer management

Integrated with CRM and marketing automation

RFQ and opportunity management

Advanced promotion tools and price listing

Product configurator

ERP & WMS integration

Multiple warehouses and suppliers

Fully integrated with payment gateways

Advanced research condition with specific dimension

Analytics/Reporting with real time KPIs

Controlled access with roles and security

GDPR compliant

Core features.


Integrated CRM features to manage leads and customers during the entire customer’s journey for a better conversion funnel


Sales process management to provide the best shopping experience and best conversion rates


A complete set of features and the most advanced reporting tools for a complete monitoring of critical KPIs

Omnichannel by Design.
Unique B2B eXperience.

Platform key functionalities


Product Information Management


Warehouse Management System


Content management capabilities for managing various content types with blog features


Catalog/Cart price rules to create many more discounts and promotions to boost sales


Integrated customer service tool for before and after sale support


Email/SMS delivery solution that combines powerful email marketing tools with SMTP relay


Engine to initiate and automate recurring tasks


A fully integrated mobile client with customised UI for every brand guidelines

ipad: Rewix eCommerce integration and extension interface

Extensibility and Integration

Rewix provides a the ability to connect with adjacent applications, apps and services and a framework for extensions, plug-ins, modules, components and application integrations.

Third-party prebuilt integration

Rewix provides packaged connectors or prebuilt integration with third-party office applications, business applications (such as SAP, HubSpot, Magento or other CRM/ERP/WMS), social networks and security mechanisms (OAuth).

RESTful APIs and microservices

Rewix provides a well-documented, well-designed, operable, extensible, deep and broad RESTful APIs to enable various types of integrations. The APIs are operable both on the consumption and on the output sides. Typical output formats include JSON, HTML and XML.

Rewix is scalable, reliable, fast, secure, flexible, integrated and modular to make your company ready for the future of B2B digital selling.

Start selling with Rewix.

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