Sell different.

Rewix builds B2B ecommerce experiences your buyers will love.

Rewixecommerce platform

Rewix is the one and only B2B Ecommerce eXperience Platform (EXP).

A fast, flexible and reliable platform designed to sell your products and services to other business companies across multi-experience buyers journeys.

The definitive solution for eCommerce, CRM, marketing automation and analytics, powered by AI.

Reinventing B2B sales

Today’s customer journeys are no longer linear paths to purchase and B2B Journeys are particularly complex with multiple touchpoints:

61% of all B2B transactions start online

51% of customers turn to social media to do initial research.

Customers expect to move fluidly between all channels available, both online and offline

43% of Baby Boomer, Gen X and Millennial customers prefer a rep-free experience.

What are your buyers looking for today?

Get the right product at a fair price in time Always find the product that best suits your needs Buy directly online from manufacturers with simple purchasing processes Optimize processes and costs Access complete and updated catalogs Know product prices and request quotes Always have updated information in real time Receive new pre and post sales services

Are you ready for the future of B2B digital selling?

Invest in the rights things

  • Engage customers using digital tools

  • Expand selling through digital channels

  • Migrate offline processes to the digital channel

  • Enable and expand self-service options

  • Explore opportunities with business units based on data services

  • Start using third-party platforms to accelerate new revenues ideas

  • Communicate efficiently with customers and partners

  • Adapt products to the changing demand

  • Invest in new technological capabilities (AI as a key enabler, RPA)

  • Develop employee digital competencies and skills

Invest in the
right things: B2B


Rocket your company sales and turn down your operating costs. With Rewix.



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