29 April 2022

The Essential Integration of ERP and Ecommerce Platforms for Optimal Sales Channel Management

The Essential Integration of ERP and Ecommerce Platforms for Optimal Sales Channel Management

Sales channels are various ways that a company can sell its products and services. These channels can be divided into two main categories: online and offline. In order to optimize sales through each channel, it is essential to have tight integration between your ERP system and your ecommerce platform. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of this integration and how it can help improve your business's sales performance.


Why should you integrate ecommerce and ERP?

The integration between ERP and ecommerce platforms is important for a number of reasons.

First, it allows for the automated sharing of data between the two systems. This means that when an order is placed on your ecommerce site, the information is automatically sent to your ERP system for fulfillment.

Second, the integration provides visibility into inventory levels across all sales channels. This helps you make better decisions about what items to stock in your physical stores and online store. This ensures that you never oversell a product and helps you better manage inventory levels.

Finally, the integration can help streamline your accounting and financial reporting processes by providing accurate and up-to-date information on sales and revenue.


Improve the business' sale performance

Overall, the integration between ERP and ecommerce platforms is essential for optimal management of all company sales channels. By automating the sharing of data between the two systems, you can improve visibility into inventory levels, streamline your accounting and financial reporting processes, and avoid overselling products. All of these factors can help improve your business's sales performance.

ERP is able to integrate and manage all the relevant business processes:

  • Accounting
  • Management control
  • Personnel Management
  • Purchase management
  • Warehouse Management (WMS)
  • Material requirement planning
  • Production management
  • Project management
  • Sales management
  • Distribution management
  • Plant maintenance management
  • Asset Management

The online sales channel requires a continuous alignment of information relating to products, availability, price lists and orders. This is specially true in B2B distribution.

You can integrate a B2B ecommerce with an ERP system in different ways:

  • loosely coupled - asynchronous integration for B2C and simple B2B sales sites
  • tightly coupled - synchronous (Real-time) integration for highly integrated B2B sites
  • hybrid scenario - asynchronous integration for B2B with partial integration with the ERP

Business needs and management processes may require a synchronous or asynchronous solution.

XRoads, il modulo di Rewix per gestire le integrazioni

XRoads, the Rewix data integration hub module that manages all integration processes with third-party tools. 

XRoads is designed to make easier integration between eshops and ecommerce and it is a technological solution that provides integration and two way synch between an ecommerce based on Rewix Platform and almost any ERP or WMS.
XRoads’s design and development are founded on five main principles: utility, accuracy, scalability, transparency, and privacy.
XRoads primary duties are:

  • Route data between Rewix and ERP/WMS
  • Monitor and control routing of data exchange between services
  • Provide commodity services like data transformation and mapping, incremental processing or exception handling.

Integration between ERP/WMS Data and ecommerce website is very important in every ecommerce projects. Integration has to keep in synch information in terms of:

  • products
  • pricing
  • stocks
  • customers
  • orders

It helps us to develop a two way synch:

  • Keep in synch catalog with products, prices and quantities
  • Keep in synch product information and images
  • Keep in synch orders and availabilities

with ERP Master data repository.

XRoads is able to synchronize and exchange data flows from different data sources automatically. XRoads is a Java-based enterprise integration middleware (ESB) that is able to manage data exchanges with web (micro) services or flat files (CSV, Excel, DAT).

XRoads is customizable and is able to manage scheduled operations to ensure two-way synchronization of quantities, prices and orders.

XRoads is completly open source.

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