24 April 2024

Customise Rewix: the first B2B eCommerce eXperience Platform

Customise Rewix: the first B2B eCommerce eXperience Platform

If you want to experience the B2B shopping experience on Rewix, you can start by purchasing Rewix itself! With the new configurator, it's now possible to choose individual features to create your own eCommerce platform, assessing costs with total transparency.

B2B ecommerce is gaining more and more popularity, and the reason lies precisely in the quick and flexible shopping experience.

In this article, we will explore the potential of an innovative platform like Rewix, designed to offer a highly personalized and transparent shopping experience.

Finally, we will discover how Rewix can help optimize purchasing processes and why this B2B eCommerce eXperience Platform is the ideal choice for companies seeking advanced solutions for their B2B business.

eCommerce: new platforms for new needs

Dynamic markets push companies to discover new needs all the time. The same is true for new buyers: the B2B buying experience is constantly adapting to changing rules. E-commerce is a key pillar for companies aiming to expand their online presence and reach a global audience. Against this backdrop, Rewix emerges as a modular solution designed to offer flexibility and customization to companies active in digital commerce.

As the specific needs of B2B businesses increase, the need for highly customizable platforms becomes increasingly evident. Companies need to be able to adapt their processes and tools to changing market demands, and this is exactly what Rewix offers. Thanks to its modularity, Rewix allows companies to create a platform tailored to their needs, providing transparency and ease of use. This innovative approach enables companies to remain competitive in an increasingly complex environment while delivering a high-quality buying experience to their B2B customers.

The modular platform that adapts to your business

Rewix 's different modules offer a wide range of functionality essential to running a successful e-commerce business. From order management to product management, from logistics to marketing-each module is designed to provide powerful and effective tools for B2B companies.

In addition, the integration ofartificial intelligence enables further optimization of business operations, improving accuracy and efficiency in several processes, including search engine ranking, machine translation, and predictive data analysis.

This flexibility allows companies to tailor the platform to their specific needs, ensuring apersonalized buying experience for their B2B customers. For example, a wholesale company can benefit from the simplified order management and automated logistics offered by the platform, while another more marketing-oriented company can leverage the advanced features to enhance its online presence and maximize conversions. In both cases, Rewix fits the business perfectly and offers tailored solutions that enable companies to remain competitive and better meet the needs of their customers.

Transparency and customization: the new Rewix configurator

The new configurator represents a significant step forward in our ongoing commitment to ensuring maximum transparency. This tool allows users to customize their Rewix platform quickly and intuitively, enabling them to select and view the desired modules and their associated cost in real time.

With the Rewix configurator, companies can now create a solution tailored to their specific needs with greater precision and clarity. This feature provides transparency and ease of decision-making for businesses, enabling them to more effectively plan the resources they need to devote to the B2B eCommerce platform.

For example, a company that wishes to focus primarily on order management can select the modules relevant to this activity, immediately visualizing their impact on the total cost of the platform. In this way, companies can optimize resources and make targeted investments in the features that best suit their specific needs.

The configurator thus offers tangible value to companies, enabling them to make informed decisions and customize their experience with Rewix for better results.

Why choose Rewix: the first B2B eCommerce eXperience Platform

The potential for growth ine-commerce is indeed enormous, and to take full advantage of it, companies must have the right resources and tools. With Rewix, companies can maximize their online potential thanks to the flexibility and modularity of our platform, clearly evaluating different features through the ease of use of the new on-site configurator. This tool represents a significant step forward in our commitment toinnovation and achieving maximum transparency. With the Rewix configurator, companies can now create a solution tailored to their specific needs with greater precision and clarity.

Choosing Rewix is easier and represents an investment in improving the aqcuisto experience for their customers. Choose the eCommerce eXperience Platform designed for B2B: choose Rewix.

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